SMARTPACK was founded in 2013, combining the multi-yearcompetencies of the leading companiesof the logistics, packing and design sector to create added value in the supply chain. 

Thanks to the know-how,mainly acquired in the Automotive sector, Smartpack,making the characteristics of the product and of the relevant flow its own,is able to offer tailored turnkey packing solutions, complete Mrs of plastic material and various accessories for Metal Mrs, thanks also to strategic partnerships with leading companies manufacturers of Returnable Transit Packaging worldwide, as well as to tailor the Customer’s R.T.Packaging. 

Today,Smartpack is the reference supplier for important Groupsof standard and customized packaging operating in theautomotivesector. 

In particular, we make specially designed thermo-formedtrays,pantograph-drawn foam inserts or water jets, stationary or foldabletensile structures for standard plastic RTP/FLC.