THERMO FORMING IN TRAY The tray thermoforming are an important component of our strategic and production The trays that we develop and produce are an essential support tool in the automotive industry to solve problems of transport and protection, handling internal and external logistics support for automated processing or manual assembly lines while ensuring efficiencies of time, space and quality, we can realize trays is small in size with material thickness also less than a millimeter up to trays large material of high thickness (up to 10 m / m) In the realization of our trays employ standard materials or specific request in different thicknesses depending on whether the trays are "disposable" or reusable for several cycles of production, We also produce specific tray using UV-resistant materials such as Polycarbonate, ABS + KOBLEND and PMMA co-extruded.

All materials used by us in the realization of thermoformed are fully recyclable, TRAYS LARGE VARIETY 'EVEN FOR SMALL AND SMALL DETAILS Trays of variety even for small parts and small details in colored materials to distinguish between different production runs or for quick identification tailored with identification lettering in relief and with careful study of the placement to allow robotic processes